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Fusion Call Center

Contact center solution

Fusion Communication Systems specializes in building custom contact center solutions. With 15 years’ experience in building call center solution Fusion creates solutions that are easy to use, easy to manage, scalable, reliable and deliver enterprise-class features.

Effective communication is as essential to growing organizations as working capital and a strong business plan, organizations need communications to be reliable and cost-effective.

with a seamless service that ensures efficiency and satisfaction. An investment in the right communication systems and tools will produce both quick and on-going returns. It will support your strategic goals and strengthen your competitive edge.

What Value does Fusion contact center deliver?

  • Advanced call handling capability: Providing a consistent and timely user experience is critical, our call centre solution is built on the principles of uniform call distribution and adapts intelligently to changing call influx. Supervisors can monitor the call traffic in real time, and redistribute agents across multiple campaigns to accommodate the changes demanded by your business. Skill-based routing, queue management, call flow management with Interactive Voice Response and advanced call handling are just some of the capabilities that we offer as part of our comprehensive inbound solution.
  • Optimal customer interaction management: The capability display FAQ and product information as the call is being handled empowers the agents to obtain, real-time information for quick information retrieval and highest quality service. Supervisors are able to view the agent displayed content and modify it in case the situation demands or there is an update on the product. This helps in serving more customers, while concurrently improving quality of service offered to them.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Grow with customer demand and maximize return on investment. With in-depth analysis and reporting capability we are able determine and anticipate demand growth within the call centre as the demands from your customers increase. This allows you to derive maximum value per agent while delivering maximum return to your customers. Some of the tools include call on hold drop rate, call queue waiting rate, calls handled per agent and on call duration per agent.
  • Customer Relation Management and Trouble Tickets: The goal is to streamline all communication about a query/complaint into a highly organized workflow towards resolution of the customer issue. Consistent use of a ticket system is considered a hallmark of great customer support/call center support. We have a platform not only to receive and manage incidents, but one that also assigns the same to respective departments or individuals who must ensure they act within set SLAs, which if not met, are escalated to relevant persons. Once the issue is resolved it should be reported and recorded to help improve on the product or service delivery. A central tracking across all parties ensures your business truly is a smooth operator.

Fusion contact center tools to deliver value

The Fusion call center system has in-built tools that greatly assist in achieving an excellent customer centric support environment. Some of these are:

Fusion believes that providing amazing support can begin even before an agent answers the phone. With IVR technology, professional greetings can be recorded and callers routed efficiently to the agent who can most effectively address their needs e.g. sales calls or support calls this can be narrowed to specific products. This will increase professionalism and enhance the customer’s experience – before they interact with anyone from your team. We believe every organization is different and we will work with you to build the most effective IVR tree for your business, continuously improving this based on feedback.
Routing the caller to the most appropriate agent is just the first step to providing amazing support. Fusion’s call center software provides the caller’s information in the browser as they call. The agent handling the call will know everything (that is in the database uploaded previously) about the customer before they answer the phone. This will allow the agents to provide a more personalized experience to each and every customer.
There is nothing worse for a customer than explaining their issue to an agent, finding out that they can’t solve their issue, being transferred to another agent and having to explain their issue again from the beginning. Eliminate this common customer service frustration with call conferencing. When an agent is struggling or would like the help of an agent from a different department, they can conference in the agent without having to transfer the call. This increases service quality and improves customer satisfaction.
In order to adopt a customer-centric approach to providing service, call center managers must drive the customer focus to their team. Three must-have features that are incorporated in the Fusion call center system in this pursuit are call monitoring, whisper coaching and call barging. Call monitoring allows a manager to listen to a live call without the agent or the caller knowing. This is helpful when monitoring the call for quality assurance and training purposes. Whisper coaching allows a manager to talk with the agent, without the caller knowing. This is helpful when training new agents to get up to speed, or helping more experienced agents through a difficult call. Call barging allows the manager to listen to calls without the agent or caller knowing and then speak with both the agent and the customer when necessary. All these features are critical when teaching agents to adopt a customer-centric approach to providing customer support, and monitoring calls to make sure they do so.
Call recording allows your supervisors to keep a close eye on each agent and listen to recorded calls when it is most convenient for them and provide feedback to their team to adjust their approach accordingly. This increases service quality and agent performance.
Ensuring that your team of call center agents is providing amazing support requires comprehensive metrics. Providing your team with an agent dashboard that displays real-time metrics like service level, number of calls in queue, average hold time, average handle time, etc. will allow them to improve their performance with minimal management feedback. Providing your managers with real-time and historical data will allow them to make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive metrics. This is an essential tool for customer-centric companies that provide support.