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Fusion IP PBX

IP PBX and unified communication platform

We provide an advanced IP PBX which provides reliable communication system for small or large business, it is scalable, flexible and it easily adapts to the needs of any company.  What’s better we can also provide it as a cloud solution

Streamlined communications are critical in order to provide internal and external customers with a seamless service that ensures efficiency and satisfaction. An investment in the right telephone system will produce both quick and on-going returns, it will support your strategic goals and strengthen your competitive edge.

With over 15 years’ experience in building custom telephony solutions Fusion creates solutions that are easy to use, easy to manage, scalable, reliable and deliver enterprise-class features.

We are changing the face of IP telephony with our innovative line of systems. Our range of telephony solutions can be used for a standard office solution and for a call centre solution.

Why Fusion?

With Fusion’s communications solutions, you will achieve the following for your organization;

IP Fusion is:

Designed to handle unlimited number of employees and cater for companies with basic telephony needs to advanced corporations that have multiple branches. IP fusion is able to
IP fusion is build using an open architecture, with our inbuilt monitoring and reporting tools your system is proactively monitored and maintained around the clock
With prices 50 to 80 percent less than competitive solutions even the smallest business can afford a feature rich IP-PABX phone system
Due to the advanced monitoring and maintenance tools inbuilt within IP fusions our technical support team can offer remote round the clock support.


Branch Office & Telecommuters

IP Fusion fully integrates users that are in a branch office or are telecommuters via the Internet. Remote locations become simple telephone extensions, so users may dial inside extensions or outside numbers just as they would from their central corporate location. All phone communication within your branch network will be free of charge e.g. Kisumu can call Mombasa for free and vice versa.

Auto Attendant /Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Auto-Attendant offers a menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist.

The IVR or auto-attendant provides a flow for your callers once the call is received for example “press 1 for sales” or “press 2 for support”. Allowing for skill based routing where the caller is directed to the most capable person to handle their request.

Music on hold

While your customers are waiting, provide them some music. It’s as easy as uploading an MP3 file using the IP fusion web administration interface. You can upload as much files as you like, any time a caller is put on hold, alone in a conference room or waiting in a call queue the music will automatically start playing. 

Tele -Conferencing

Conferencing has never been easier; thanks to IP fusion integrated Conference Bridge. You can easily set up a conference with internal users, or invite external people to join your conference. Our web based interface or * key on your telephone lets you easily control your conference. The number of participants is only limited by the number of phone lines you have available. 

Call forwarding, call waiting and call parking

Special keys or * key combinations on your phone allow you to conveniently transfer calls to your colleagues (with or without announcements). Call waiting allows you to receive an indication when a second line comes in and optionally pick it up. Switching to a different desk, or trying to transfer a call to someone who is busy? Park the call using your phone for easy retrieval. 

Time based call routing

Dynamically route calls to an IVR menu, extensions, external numbers, scripts, or other destinations based on time conditions. The Time Conditions module creates a destination to which you can route calls. When a call arrives at the Time Condition destination, the system will check the current system time and date against the Time Group that you selected. The system will then route the call to one of two destinations that you define.

Time Conditions can also be used to route calls to different destinations during business hours vs. after-hours, for example.

Follow me

.If you’re someone who is away from their desk often or you work remotely this feature is a great option to keep you in contact with everyone. There are basically two paths you can have designed for yourself.

  • Sequential Ringing: Allow the call to ring your desk for 10 seconds (or anytime you decide), then you can move to your cell phone if necessary.
  • Multiple Endpoints Ringing: This allows multiple phones to ring at once. You can have your desktop phone in your office, your home office line and also your mobile device ring simultaneously. If you’re sporadically in different places at different times this is a great feature to make sure you pick up the call as soon as you can.

IP Fusion has a powerful and detailed call reporting platform which provides detailed reports on all phone calls made within the system, this includes reports on all incoming calls, outgoing calls by user, conference calls and user login reports. The reports can be customized to fit your specific organizational needs. This report includes;

  • the phone number of the subscriber originating the call (calling party)
  • the phone number/ extension or agent receiving the call (called party)
  • the starting time of the call (date and time)
  • the call duration
  • a unique sequence number identifying the record
  • the disposition or the results of the call, indicating, for example, whether or not the call was connected
  • the route by which the call entered the exchange
  • the route by which the call left the exchange
  • any fault condition encountered
  • Call hold duration
Call history

We deploy IP phones which maintain call history lists of Dialed Calls, Received Calls, Missed Calls and Forwarded Calls. Users can check the call history, dial a call, add a contact or delete an entry from the call history list. You should enable the history record feature in advance.

Calling cost management (billing module) 

We have integrated a powerful billing solution which allows you to allocate users calling budgets on a prepaid basis or get call cost reports on a post-paid basis. Our call billing module helps you allocate and manage call usage budgets while maintaining productivity.

Hunt groups/ Ring Groups

Hunt Groups or Ring Groups, are a lean but effective call routing strategy. Ring Groups are categorizations that group team members based on their departmental proficiencies and then ring all of their numbers at the same time whenever a call comes in for any particular team or department. This is great for teams that need to give customers clear options when they call in but that also have low enough call volume that they don’t need sophisticated balancing to make sure no one member gets overwhelmed

Call queues

Call queues help you to easily create professional sounding waiting lines for incoming calls. Control how your calls are distributed to the agents and announce waiting position and holding times to the caller.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing allows you to easily control the flow of inbound and outbound calls. Make sure you always call at the lowest rate by selecting different operators for multiple destinations. Additionally, you can provide backup routes in case a certain line goes down.

Voicemail system

A complete voicemail system is integrated in the fusion IP PABX server. It includes multiple delivery options for your voicemail messages: telephone access using a voice menu, automated e-mail delivery with attachment or web based accessibility. You can also organize voicemail messages in multiple folders for easy retrieval. Additionally, many IP phones will alert you immediately when a new voicemail message arrives. 

Flexible Extension Logic 

Unified dial plan—any phone can dial any other phone by extension number, regardless of location

An incoming call may simultaneously ring more than one telephone

An incoming call may serially ring extensions to find an employee

An incoming call may be forwarded to any other number (including a cell phone)

Phonebook Directory

Remote phonebook feature allows you to access your corporate directory straight from your phone. You can simply dial a contact number from the corporate directory. The XML phonebook enables the IP phone to access to an XML-formatted phone book which is located in an HTTP/TFTP/HTTPs server. We also support full LDAP intergration.

Operator console

Easy-to-use, Java-based client/server software for managing all phone calls. Allows the operator to manage all aspects of the organization communications including seeing what extensions are busy, ringing or available and organize extensions into dynamic extension directories.

Call recording

IP Fusion call recording functionality is able to continually record 100% of all calls or record on-demand. All calls are digitally recorded and capture and store for every agent and customer interaction regardless of the source, destination or service (ISDN, VoIP, Mobile). Calls are recorded to a hard drives and can be instantly found, accessed and replayed.

  • Resolve customer disputes
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Meet legal obligations
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Address security concerns
  • Record phone calls automatically or on-demand