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Fusion outsourcing services

Fusion outsourcing services

From Telesales, customer support or market research at Fusion we can customize and deliver a wide variety of outsourced call center services

For today’s businesses, contact centers now play a central role throughout the customer cycle – from identification to acquisition and service.

Fusions outsourced contact center services are designed and provisioned with multifaceted breadth and depth, from hiring and training agents to deploying advanced contact center software.

At every stage of the process, Fusion communication systems has the experience, facilities and best-of-breed technologies to support all your phone, email, chat and social media contact center requirements with maximum cost-performance and flexibility, thus contributing directly to your success.

  • Focused on value: We provide services that produce the most significant value aligned to your business costs, whether we are increasing your revenue more or decreasing your costs, Fusion provides strategic insight to improve the performance of your operation. Our dedicated operational design teams will work with you to develop tailored solutions that answer today’s requirements and anticipate those of tomorrow.
  • Focused on customers: You will value our efficiency – your customers will value our service. We encourage you to measure our value by the KPIs that matter, customer satisfaction, loyalty, spend and repeat usage.
  • Focus on results: Because we’re confident our services will deliver the results we promise we aim to develop a contract driven by your objectives for operational performance, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Deployment Models

Client premise deployment model.

We do understand that due to compliance regulatory and data sensitivity concerns many organizations would need a contact center solution that is within their premises. Fusion offers a fully managed solution which runs from your premises.

We deploy an entire fully staffed and trained contact center at your premises within weeks. Taking care of all the HR and technology aspects.

Fusion premise Deployment model

We offer a fully hosted contact center from our premises, this frees up valuable resources for you to concentrate on your core business. We offer a solution which despite the fact is not in your physical location still offers you complete visibility and reporting on how we are interacting with your customers.

Our services:

Call handling support

Our areas of expertise are placed within the Customer Service sector, Inbound and Outbound Call Handling and 1st Line Help Desk support. All of our call answering services are built and designed with your business in mind. Our call handling, logging and reporting tools are designed and configured in-house to provide results and reports for your business. We understand that every business has different needs, so we make sure we adapt our solutions to fit around your needs.

Chat support

Today’s customers often prefer chat, and we take a proactive approach to offering chat sessions to all your website visitors. We quickly respond to queries with personalized assistance. Via chat, our agents can interact with more than one customer at a time, improving response times without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience.

E-mail support

We meet your performance standards for email support, including contractually specified response times, escalation rules and more. We also take care to route emails to the queue of the specialist best qualified—in terms of product expertise, client policies, order status, or other factors—to answer your customers’ questions.

Social media support

Global Response can support your strategy for monitoring and engaging in the online conversation. Conversations are our business, so we’re especially well-suited to participating in the multi-party conversations that take place on social media platforms including twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook where your company and products are discussed. We can respond quickly to posts and keep you informed about the online discussion as it affects your brand image.

Your marketing staff can focus on running effective campaigns while we focus on engaging online consumers to solve customer service issues, thereby protecting and promoting your brand.

Why should you place your most valued customers in our hands?

Contact centers have proven to be the most effective tool for providing customer support services at practical prices. Saving you from the challenges running and managing an internal service department can bring.

Experience and People

Our team is the core of our business: A contact center is only as good as its people and we are confident ours are the best in the business; they are what truly set us apart. At Fusion we have a very simple belief, the right people, with the right skills, to deliver the right performance.

Today’s call center agents need an expanding skill set to include not just strong phone skills, but also the ability to craft an email response, handle online text chat sessions and interact via social media to the customer’s satisfaction.

Our staff are trained to an exceptionally high standard and have a wide breadth of experience across a diverse portfolio of clients. We invest in our call center agents to ensure they are equipped to communicate with you and your customers in a personal yet professional manner resulting in a better customer relationship.

Fusion further implements a performance management system that includes tracking performances on a daily basis in order to align agents with your unique business requirements.

Reducing high capital investment

By Fusion managing your customer interaction we ensure your customers are getting the response they desire without a significant capital investment. In-house contact centers can be extensive, including: facilities, telecom equipment, IT Support, CRM technologies and network and data security. This expensive capital expenditure does not guarantee the desired customer satisfaction.


Fusion makes continuous investment in a rising tide of new technologies (e.g., agent workflow systems, state-of-the-art phone/ ACD systems, customer relationship management software, front-end call center systems, and the various on-demand/ cloud computer solutions, social media management tools – to name just a few).

This ensures your clients benefit from the resulting technology efficiency benefits without you having to invest in capital expenditure, license costs or support headaches.

Proven Process

Fusion allows you to focus on your core competencies while allowing us to focus on ours – superior customer support. You can concentrate on your business while we maintain and enhance your client base. You won’t have to worry about the expense and trial and error incurred by in-house customer care programs. We utilize our expertise and experience when discussing your program goals so we can ensure the solution developed will meet all your needs.

Scalable and Flexible call handling

Are you planning on releasing a new product? Promoting an event? Partnering with large companies to increase sales? It’s hard to build your support as you grow. The flexibility of a modular and scalable environment allows seamless support of your programs and has the ability to grow with your needs. We already have the infrastructure and management team in place so we can grow quickly to meet your demand. If you have wavering call volumes, or provide 24 hour support, it can be difficult to staff efficiently to handle these calls in-house.

Fusion allows you to utilize the capabilities you need right now, without paying for what might be needed down the road. Your costs are always under control. 

Sound resource allocation

Skill-based routing, queue management, call flow management with IVR designer and advanced call handling (call transfer, call parking, call hunting, call queuing) are just some of the capabilities that we offer as part of our comprehensive inbound solution.

Providing a consistent user experience across all channels, the inbound solution is built on the principles of uniform call distribution and adapts intelligently to changing call influx. Supervisors/ managers can monitor the call traffic in real time, and redistribute agents across multiple campaigns to accommodate the changes demanded by your business.

Optimal customer interaction management

The advanced scripting capability empowers the agents to obtain, real-time information for quick information retrieval and highest quality service. Supervisors are able to view the, scripting content and modify it in case the situation demands. The agents and supervisors can fetch data by all possible criteria (including lead identity, disposition, agent, date, time) and cut back on interaction times. This helps in serving more customers, while concurrently improving quality of service offered to them.

Workforce management tools

On workforce management front, our agents will be serving your customers quickly with the help of skill-based routing and robust queue management capabilities of our tool. With unlimited skill definition, you can analyze reports to see which are the most desired skills, or define your own skill-set according to your requirements.

CRM management and query tracking

We Drive agent productivity through the entire case lifecycle from creation and assignment to resolution and closure. The most relevant (as customized by your business needs) information pertaining to cases is presented to agents via intuitive views/layouts allowing them to prioritize and focus on what matters most.

This allows for SLA based case prioritization and escalation flows while giving you full visibility of what issues are being raised and how quickly they are being resolved

Fusion CRM Social Module Integration is another way to delight your clients through social networking sites.

The Twitter integration provides the ability to see the social activities of the contacts and search on specific keywords across all social media’s within the CRM. Using Social Module Integration with Twitter, you can create Leads, Events and ToDos, Opportunity or a Ticket from a Twitter post. It also allows you to search for particular keywords or queries that help in solving customers’ queries.

FAQ acts as a repository for all questions frequently asked by your customers as well as internal team members It will be a hassle for your support team to provide same solution repeatedly. You can either convert Tickets into FAQs or create new FAQs and share with your customers and the internal team as well.